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Dear Visitors, 

Excuse our DUST!!!!

We are currently doing what only 


3% of U.S. women can do. 


We are building a


$1.2 Million global, social enterprise.

                               That's ($625/hour). 

So far in.... 

7 years 

We have accomplished this:

We have helped create:


30 micro-enterprises

As of November 2019,

we have Food & Allergen Management Specialists in


7 countries:



-Costa Rica




-Saudi Arabia


We speak 


5 languages collectively.

Our program is translated into

2 languages, English & Spanishwith a

3rd language, Arabic, anticipated in 2020.


We have 

4 educational programs that work together,


worldwide, to make sure that we can accommodate all humans special care needs. 


We’ll be back up and running soon. 

Thanks for your patience. 

Did we mention? 

We are SELF Funded organization.

(We rely only on Revenue we can create & minimal donations per year. That is less than $12K per year)

What we’ve done. So far...

Consulting  •  Product/Program Development  • Chef's Table   

Member Of:

  Centered Table Co.

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