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About the Training

AllerSmart training can be provided to restaurants, camps, hospitals, schools or any place where food is being served to people.


Our Front of House training is for individuals who have direct contact with the customer. This course is 1.25 hour and can be held online or in a facility of choice. Group discounts for 10+ employees are available.

Our Back of House training is for individuals who work in food preparation or procurement. (Chefs, cooks, scientist, purchasing) This is a 4 hour course done over 2 days. We work hands on with menus, ingredients, kitchen organization, best practices, product inspections, etc.  

Becoming a certified Allergen Friendly Facility (AllerSmart)

Establishments that have met the following requirements can apply to become a certified facility. These are the guidelines. Centered Table Co.'s team provides consulting services to help you pass certification. 

  1. Staff Training: 20% of Staff Members must be trained & pass certification test on food allergies, food allergen management and how to handle an emergency food allergen reaction.  

  2. Ingredient list: Printed or electronic ingredient list of all items in the facility containing food products; (must be accessible to consumers and staff at all times).

  3. Dedicated Menu: If this is a food service establishment, facility must prove they can create dishes safely without using 8-10 common allergens and carry a flavor profile. Electronic menu using transparency is most desirable. 

  4. Policy & Procedure Manual: Facility must have a food allergy policy & procedures manual printed. Staff must know where this document is located at all times)

  5. Site Visit: (Facility must participate in at least 1 site visit per year and be willing to accommodate up to 5 spot checks annually)   

  6. Onsite Allergen Manager: At least (1) Manager (BOH & FOH) must be onsite at each location, during guest service times who has been trained and certified in Food Allergen Management

  7. Allergen Safe Kits: Facility must have at least 1 dedicated kit for allergen free meal prep

  8. Kitchen Organization: Must demonstrate safe storage & cleaning practices

  9. Food Testing: Must participate in random food testing and be under 5 PPM for allergen free meals 

  10. Signage: At Least 3 Signs must be posted in facility about Food Allergies including but not limited to Menus, Posters, Welcome Signs, treatment recommendations. 


  1. Website must list “Allergen Safety disclaimers” and “Allergen Aware Facility”

  2. Social Media in order to be considered for marketing and promotions company must have social media sites

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