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Need a day to regroup, reenergize, rebalance. Your day at Centered Table Co. can be all of that. Book your business or personal time. (no services included)



If you are having pain, stress or medical illness battles, book an assessment session. 



After spending time in Cuba learning about the value of a hand rolled cigar, then traveling across the world to so many different farms and seeing so many practices we finally chose suppliers that not only made a difference in the world but were also using 100% organic certified products safe for any type of medical patient. *There are people who can have a cannabis allergy. 



The Farmacy is a place where we evaluate your physical health goals and needs. We then develop a plan of action and show you best practices to get you in the habit of being able to easily make these lifestyle changes. The hardest thing to change is human behaviors, therefore it's easier to do it with a partner or team of professionals here to help you be most successful. 



Total care is about you Mind & Body. Whatever you might be struggling with from business to severe pain, if you're stuck we'll help get you in the direction you need & want to be on. Total care addresses your true needs and crafts the right plan to get you there. 





We address everything from food to mind wellness providing strength training and self care tools customized for each individual's needs. We connect clients to the right specialist and provide support. 



We searched high and low and evaluated many facilities and still we were unable to find anything that compares to the scientist and 👩🏽‍🍳Chef Lara™️ behind these life saving edibles. #



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